Welcome to My Corner

Oh, hi there! It looks like you've found my little corner of the Jellicle Junkyard. Welcome!

I'm Fantasia. I've lived here in the Jellicle Tribe for six years now, and I'm here to make sure you have as great a time as I've had! There's lots to see and do around the Corner, and I'm always adding more. You'll see me popping up to help you around and explain stuff, assisted by a few friends of mine. C'mon, furballs, introduce yourselves!

*Twirls in with a flourish of sparkles* I'm Mister Mistoffelees! Fantasia told me something about sites with me on them being really popular, though I don't really understand what she meant . . .

*Grinning mischievously* Don't you worry your magical little self.

Uh, 'little'?

*Steps forward* I'm Munkustrap. I'm here to keep things under control . . . and it looks like I've got my work cut out for me.

*Standing off to the side with arms crossed* I still don't remember signing up for this.

Oh, c'mon, Tugger, stop acting like you have better things to do.

*Sighs* Fine. Rum Tum Tugger, Curious Cat, ladykiller, the best thing since sliced bread, so on and so forth. Continue.

Er, okay then. So, that's who we are! I hope you'll enjoy your visit, laugh a little, learn something new, all that nice stuff. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me, because I'd love to hear from you! And now, on to the site!

                Away we go!


Not that there are many sites left in the Golden Jellicles,
but if you like what you see here, please vote for me!

Promoted Site

Jellicle Roleplay
This is still a young forum in need of more members. Roleplaying is fun and a significant staple of the CATS community, so please give it a look!


Updates posted once a month • Last update: January 22, 2016

The new layout is slowly making its way toward completion. It should be finished by the next update!

No new visitor contributions this time around, but I've polished up the Thanks page a bit, implemented a new navigation feature on the Crossovers page, and added a new crossover in the process.


 JELLICLE BIRTHDAYS: Aeva May (January 15), Ken Page (January 20), John Mills (February 22),
THIS SITE (February 15)



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Other Stuff -- Some last-minute necessary information.


Other Stuff

Link to Me

Link to me, link to me fondly . . . oh, wait, wrong musical. Anyway, I'd love to swap links with you! We need more active CATS fansites in this community. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested!

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Color Codes

I use a bit of color-coded dialogue on this site. Here's a key so nobody gets confused.

Fantasia   Mistoffelees   Munkustrap   Rum Tum Tugger   Mungojerrie   Rumpleteazer


Disclaimer: I do not own CATS. If I did, it would still be on Broadway and I would be rich enough to afford my Freewebs premium membership. CATS, the Jellicles, the junkyard, the music, the logo, Mistoffelees, Munkustrap, Skimbleshanks and his vest, Tugger's football-and-candy-cane bagpipes, you get the idea. Everything belongs to Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Really Useful Group. All fan creations on this site are copyrighted to their respective owners.